Permeate Partners provides support to Property Developers in two key areas, namely:

  • Developments which are costly to connect to or remote from existing water and wastewater infrastructure
    Land on the urban fringe is often expensive to connect to centralised water and wastewater infrastructure as it can involve transport over long distances and / or the bring forward of significant infrastructure construction. On remote sites connection to centralised water and wastewater infrastructure is simply not an option. Local sources, local treatment and local reuse can enable land to be economically serviced whilst providing additional benefits such as the provision of recycled water.
  • Developments which integrate water and wastewater treatment / reuse in order to meet sustainability objectives
    Over the last five years there has been an increasing focus on the water and energy consumption of buildings. Industry bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia have established systems to enable designers and owners to assess the water and energy footprint of their proposed developments. Subsequently proponents are looking towards local sources, local treatment and local reuse to achieve the highest levels of water efficiency.

Through working on a variety of commercial, residential and resort developments Permeate Partners has developed a deep understanding of the needs and drivers for water and wastewater infrastructure in the property development sector.

Featured Project

img1 recycled-water-pitt-town

Pitt Town Water is owned and operated by NSW's first private water utility for residential clients. Sewage is collected using a pressure sewer network and treated using an advanced process of MBR, UV and Chlorine. The recycled water is supplied back to homes and also used for irrigation of public open space.

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