A sustainable, cost effective and reliable source of irrigation water is fundamental to the ongoing success of a number of businesses such as golf courses and race courses. Increasing pressure on scarce potable water supplies, combined with the impacts of climate change, have forced numerous premium irrigators to consider alternate water supplies in order to secure their future viability.

Permeate Partners has assisted a variety of Premium Irrigators with the investigation and implementation of long term water solutions. Source waters have included recycled water, seawater, groundwater, stormwater and river water. Technologies have included Membrane Bioreactors (MBR’s), Reverse Osmosis, UV disinfection, Chlorination, Bioretention Filters and Surface Wetlands.

Permeate Partners understands and acknowledges that whilst water is important for a Premium Irrigator, it is not core business. Therefore our solutions are based providing the right quality and quantity of water without distracting management and staff from their day-to-day activities.

Featured Project

img1 irrigation-water-royal-melbourne-golf-club

Royal Melbourne Golf Club's "Water for Irrigation" project provides up to 180ML / year of high quality irrigation water sourced from stormwater and groundwater. A mix of natural (surface wetland) and state of the art (membrane filtration) technologies are used for disinfection, salt removal and water recovery.

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